J-Fill - The system that does it all!

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J-Fill Quattro Select Dispensing SystemJ-Fill image

QuattroSelect is a dilution control station that offers the very best of dilution control for large sites. The lockable unit uses up to four super-concentrated chemicals simultaneously. Simply turn the smart valve selector to the desired product and begin filling. The unit offers two flow rates to make bucket and trigger filling timely and easy. The system uses colour-coded super-concentrated products to make training easy, and with no neat contact of product for staff, it offers superior user safety. 

Reduces Work Place Hazards. Spill-Tite cartridges leak proof design virtually eliminates chemical exposure. Package design allows product only to be dispensed by the dispensing units. Accurate & Consistent Dilutions. Spill-Tite cartridges design virtually eliminates tampering and manually diluting products. Metering tip in each bottle cartridge ensures precise dilution and eliminates possibility of tampering with dilution ratios.


J-fill 1Single unit dispensing station

The J-100 offers the fexibility of high-low bucket/scrubber filling or low-low bottle filling. Features safe chemical management, accurate dilutions and cost savings. Can be joined together to create a multi-unit dispensing system.




Jfill 3Portable and compact unit for use with multiple products

J-Fill Hand Held Portable consistently delivers accurate dilutions anywhere you need them. Simply select the product you desire, attach the Spill-Tite™ cartridge, hook up to a water supply and press the trigger. Dispenses into bottles, buckets and automatic scrubbers. Can be used with multiple products.