TASKI swingo 455 - Battery Powered Medium Scrubber Drier

Can be used in a wide variety of application areas. Perfect for use in all types of small or congested hard floor areas such as retail, kitchens, schools and hospitals. For more information please visit: http://taski.com/

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  • CE / CB


  • Compact size and small, ergonomic handle enable this machine for use in small, congested hard floor areas while still offering great working width and increased tank volume
  • Cleaning along walls and under tables is easily possible due to the height adjustable, flexible handle and the dual axle system
  • The new, patented V-Shaped squeegee enables excellent water pick-up from the floor with squeegee adjustments no longer being necessary
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Specs & Application Instructions:

  • Ideal in all types of small or congested hard floor areas such as retail stores, kitchens, schools and hospitals
  • Daily Cleaning, Deep Scrubbing and Stripping
  • Spill pick up


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