TASKI Breakdown Odor Eliminator

Bacteria based odour eliminator and cleaner that contains enzyme-producing bacteria and odour counteractants to combat the source of odours

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  • Contains a non-pathogenic bacteria that counteracts and eliminates the source of odours instead of masking it
  • Combats a wide range of odours in washrooms, urinals, on floors, walls and carpets, drains and waste bins
  • Effective for general carpet cleaning and to remove odours
94291110 AU
  • 94291110_BreakDown%20Odor%20Eliminator%203.78L%202000x2000px.jpg

Specs & Application Instructions:

  • Odor Eliminator Concentrate
  • Neat-1:64
4 x 3.78L
Red,hazy liquid


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